Little Progress

Well, 2010 is done. I didn’t get as far along in this project as I wanted but then there have been other things that have demanded my attention, all of which really does take precedence over this. But I did do a little to it tonight and thought I would share it. Funny how long these things take………..

This was shot with the camera rather than scanned so the overall page seems a lot darker than it actually is. It’s gonna be fun when I really do get to the scanning part because this is one of the biggest pieces I’ve done. (I usually stay around a 17×14 or so…. okay, so I’m stepping out of my comfort zone.)  Hopefully, I will get crackin’ on this and get it completed in the next few months…… maybe before wintertime is over.

Thanks for stopping by and please check back again.

2 thoughts on “Little Progress

  1. You are one TALENTED Lady. You have that God given talent for making the subject look “alive” in the painting. Here’s wishing nothing but the BEST in 2011 for you and yours. Love U, Me 🙂


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