Bigger and Different


I have finished and framed the most recent piece. As you can see from the previous post, I didn’t do a whole lot more to it. But I am happy with the minimalistic effect it has on my visual senses.

This painting is in oil, using only three colors. It is a deviation from my normal subject matter and may well be something I will dabble in for a while.  It’s also the largest painting I’ve done to date. It is 48”x30” and in a floater frame.

Hope you enjoy it. Please leave me a comment and thanks for stopping by!

Diamonds in the Sand


Hello from Okie-homa! As you can tell, I ain’t croaked yet and workin’ hard at mastering that Okie language and accent.

I decided to bring out the ol’ paint brushes and take a stab at oil. I had seen a print of what appeared as a grassy beach scene and it was just so serene that I thought I needed to do something similar. It started out that way but then it went off in a tangent.

So, now it is in the stage where I just pick at it for awhile. There’s no telling where it may end up.