Desiree Hodges was born in Orlando, Florida but was raised nomadically in Texas and New Mexico. She attended schools in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Florida. She also attended college for general studies for a short time in Odessa, Texas and Clovis, New Mexico.

Her love of drawing began at a very early age  although she also had a great love for singing and music. As a child she would draw pictures and give them as gifts to friends, teachers and loved ones. This was her practice through grade school. Though being painfully shy, occasionally she would “expose” her artistic side to classmates, although this would often  bring stinging remarks which would cause her to quickly slip back into her shell.

In her late teens, she did some oil painting as well as drawing but she was partial to graphite pencils.

Although she did take some college fine art courses, most of her work is self taught.  She primarily works from photographs that she either shoots for herself or that are client provided.

Ms. Hodges began creating her composition style in the mid 1980s. She particularly enjoys the human face, framed by magnificent landscapes. She was not introduced to watercolor until the mid-1980s but appreciated the medium and therefore works in it from time to time. More recently, she was reintroduced to work in oil and has been experimenting in that medium. As time has passed, she has found joy in oils and has had several commissions in that medium.

Around the mid 1990s, all such work ceased until 2007 when it was revitalized. That led to further work with other musicians and a renewed love for pencils. Most recently, she has been pushed into using charcoal, a medium she had no desire to work in but to her surprise, and after much fussing, she has found it to be an interesting and expressive medium to work in.

In 2008, Ms. Hodges moved to northern New Mexico to the community of Taos where she  enjoyed the beautiful mountains in an art oriented community. Currently, she resides in the green country of northeastern Oklahoma where she can pursue further artistic endeavors including music. She continues to work in the style of portrait composition and landscapes in watercolor, oil, and, of course, the new endeavor in charcoal.


5 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Hey Desiree, we hope you made it home safe and loved your web page to find out more about you. My brother is an illustrator making a living in art which is extremely hard at this time of this this system. He is not a witness but expressed this week we have it so good expressing “happy non holidays” as he is pulling his hair out trying to make it all work out. I’m not sure why you needed to know that but it was so good to get to know you for a brief period and appreciate your Zeal for whatever you are engaged in. thank you for such a nice note. For what it is worth the hall is ready and beautiful for the meeting tomorrow and then this week the final touches to be applied. Thank you for being such a pleasant servant and know Jehovah is going to bless you. Hope we can meet again. your sister tami


  2. It is always a privilege to do things for Jehovah. It was a pleasure to meet you both. I enjoyed my stay albeit short. The drive back was real bad and I didn’t get home until noon-ish today. Hope to hear from you again!


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