Miniature Entry 2013

Well, it is another chilly night in the mountains and, of course, most will be nestled closely to a source of warmth, to wit, a wood burning stove or fireplace. I find myself in my favorite chair, all snuggled up and enjoying a cup of coffee as I watch the flame and burning embers within the stove.

Now, you may wonder, what has that to do with an entry, miniatures or even 2013. Last year, 2012, I was invited to put in a small piece for a show at a museum here. The invitation was extended to me again. At first I wasn’t really in a position to do it, as I had two pieces in progress. But then, during my evenings in my chair, I felt the need to just draw my source of enjoyment. I really enjoyed the double shadows cast onto the wall by the lights as well as the glowing embers inside.

So, below you will see the source of my warmth and the 2013 entry for the miniature show.


Million Mile Reflections

From time to time as I start another project, I think about what it would be like to be a fly on the wall and watch the goings on of this process. So, with that in mind, I had my Pop take some pictures as I started a new project. I was surprised (dismally) by all the various expressions on my face as I worked. I’m glad no one can watch.

This new project I am calling (for now) Million Mile Reflections. My subject is one who lead a full and interesting life in different areas only to end under the heavy hand of Alzheimer’s Disease. I wanted to show how clearly one can see how this horrible disease closes the curtains of the eyes of ones who suffer its grip. My heart breaks for those and those who have to watch it from start to finish.

Here is the beginning of this new project.







And this is where it is thus far…………


…..and as usual, I want to invite you back again to see how this piece, as well as the other that is currently being worked on, is coming along. Thank you for visiting and I wish you all well.