Diamonds in the Sand


Hello from Okie-homa! As you can tell, I ain’t croaked yet and workin’ hard at mastering that Okie language and accent.

I decided to bring out the ol’ paint brushes and take a stab at oil. I had seen a print of what appeared as a grassy beach scene and it was just so serene that I thought I needed to do something similar. It started out that way but then it went off in a tangent.

So, now it is in the stage where I just pick at it for awhile. There’s no telling where it may end up.


2 thoughts on “Diamonds in the Sand

  1. Does have a nice serene feel to it. A bit of foreboding at the same time. Not unpleasant just bespeaks a change of weather perhaps. You can “feel” the breeze in those bent beach plants, I do long for some beautiful sea views and salt air in my lungs from time to time, Thanks for sharing this soothing view. LMS


  2. Thanks, Lyle! Good to hear from you! It will be awhile before a new work will be uploaded. Reached another lull in my creativity. Not playing guitar either. :/


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