Well, since the cat is out of the bag on this little project, I thought I would share it from time to time to show the progression. It is beginning to take shape. I started with the basic outline of the subject and now am working on the all-important shading. For now it doesn’t look like much.  The image you see is not a scan but a photo and as you know they just don’t look like the real thing.

I’ll be back at a later time to get you an update. Until then, please keep coming to visit and feel free to comment.

2 thoughts on “progress

  1. After looking at your work I immeadiatly thought of a sister in our congregation who is an artist also. She has sold quite a number of her paintings at various art sales. We have a few here at home and if I can I will try to take a few pictures of her work and send to you. Now you have to come down and meet her because she is a really nice sister and I know she would love to meet you.


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