Still in a slump, but at least an effort was made… sorta.

Okay, so a little explanation is in order. This was just a little experimentation of the laying of color with different brushes and flow of water on the paper. No specific representations. 2016 has been a year of much change and grief so this “slump” has been the result of that. Hopefully, all this will pass and something good will come. Until then, thanks to everyone who stops by Quiet Eloquence!

One thought on “Slump

  1. Really….. I like it! As for the more abstract of your efforts this may be the best. Reminds of a Japanese outdoor abstract motif.( Rice paddy after harvest and other fields after harvest with muted autumn/winter tones. Random stalks, reflections in the water, the natural disarray of ground now fallow.) Pursue some more of this “pant slinging”. You may be on to something good.

    Try some mountains and sky in abstract,maybe with autumn golds in trees at the base. Perhaps wildly blowing about in the mountain pass. Anyway such are the ramblings of a very amateur critic and SW art aficonado.


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