Stepping outside the Comfort Zone

ImageFor the past I-don’t-know-how-long, I’ve been trying to put together a composition on a portrait. Wracking my brain, I keep coming up empty. Last night I began thinking outside the normal, or rather, what seemed like the route to take with it and thought about something I don’t do much. Color. And pastel at that. 

So, this morning I began an experiment to see if I could control those little chaulky sticks and make them do what I can see in my mind. I was pleasantly surprised that it was going pretty well. I really liked how my sky was unfolding. (unfortunately the real thing beats the photo by miles… sorry) Then I started on the lower half. That wasn’t as easy to control. When I come back to it, perhaps I can make it jump out some more, perhaps get some depth into it.

Ah, experiments……..

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