Slow but………..

I’m still working on a couple of projects and sometimes it seems unbearably slow.

This one is of “generations”. Oftentimes, after I have put a piece aside then returned to it, I see things that must have some attention. This evening I have worked it a little bit so what you see here is where I am currently. 

I will be working on all four of the subjects for quite a while longer and then will eventually add another subject to the negative space around and behind the main ones. Stay tuned and see what’s next!!



2 thoughts on “Slow but………..

  1. Nice sketches. Keep up the good work and enjoy doing it if you can. Its the ‘Agony and ecstasy’ of the creative process. Just think we will have forever to refine the talents Jah will give us!!


  2. Thanks, Lyle. Indeed, I am certainly looking forward to that time when all that keeps us from truly living will be gone. Thank you for coming by to see the latest in my little place of escape. Look forward to seeing you and all the friends. May Jehovah continue with you.


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