Into The Light

This morning I met one of my friends for coffee at a local coffee shop. We both noticed an art piece hanging near our table. Really nice colors. The more we looked and talked about it the more I felt like going home and getting out the brushes.

This piece started out completely different than the end result. Here is a photo of it. I’m calling it “Into The Light”.



Here are better photos of the latest work in oils. I guess I should mention some of the motivation for the two.

The volcano…. it was the colors. The reds in stark contrast to the blues and greens really drew me. The still-life was another student work with the instruction from Eduardo Chac√≥n. (Please go by his site and take a look at his work)

During the student work, I uttered (outloud) how difficult this medium is and with that in mind, I commend those who do it well.

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