WooHoo! Now we’re cookin’!

At long last I have completed some projects that I have been working on for an extended period of time…..sometimes things just don’t wanna get done.

Here is a photograph of a piece I call Million Mile Reflections. My subject was a victim of Alzheimer’s. Such a tragedy. Anyway, I was inspired by the look in his eyes, both before and after the ravages of the disease. I’m always amazed by what a person can see in another person’s eyes.

Thank you all again for coming by. Please come again soon to see what else crops up on Quiet Eloquence!



New Project

I have started another project. This one will be called “Generations” There will be four images within the composition. Actually, five if you count a non-person image that will be woven into the over all composition.

Not sure of the completion date so please stop again soon to see the progress and the eventual completion of this project.

For those of you who are watching the progress of this piece, note that the one image is changing rather than additional images added.  These images are being shot with a camera rather than being scanned, hence the darkness of the overall image.

Thanks for watching!